Hi there, I’m Sonja. I’m Crush Design Co.

With more than 13 years of experience in graphic, web, event and interior design and photography, I strive to maintain a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in all my work. I currently split my time between a full time position as the Assistant Director of Design for Rice University’s Baker Institute and doing freelance design work, photography and a stationary line as Crush Design Co. The variety of projects that I get to work on gives me a unique and valuable perspective that I can channel into creative solutions for my clients.

How did I become a designer? Well, I’ve literally been doing it all my life. There were sketched floor plans on graph paper and hand-drawn stationary sets sold door to door before I was 8, not to mention countless works of art taped to the fridge. By the time I got to college, that translated to a major in graphic design and a minor in architecture with a side of photography. It’s also in my blood. I’m proud to be the third generation of my family to pursue a career in art and design.

What can I do for you? Pretty much anything. Check out my most recent freelance projects for examples of my work in branding and business collateral, promotional and marketing materials and event packages including invitations, menus, programs and other decor.

I’m a huge fan of paper products. They make me happy. When I figured out that I could meld my love of that with my photography and an obsession with adorable animals, the stationary line from Crush Design Co. was born. I hope that these will make you smile and remind you of your own furry family members. They are for sale online and at local stores.  Coming soon … I’m playing with watercolor and quotes to expand the line beyond photography. Stay tuned!

I am located in the Houston Heights and 100% support local artists and small businesses. I source as close to home and sustainably as possible. Not in the greater Houston area? No problem. I collaborate with many of my clients exclusively by email with phone consultations as necessary.

Feel free to have a look at my work and I hope you’ll contact me if you like what you see, want to work with me or just want to be friends. Thanks for stopping by!